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A Mystical View of Sanatana Dharma

on 2019/9/4 11:40:06 ( 599 reads )


KAUAI, HAWAII, September 3, 2019 (Hinduism Today, by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami): As an emanation of God, each soul has the eternal truths of Hinduism encoded within itself, available through meditation. Hinduism is often referred to by the Sanskrit term Sanatana Dharma. Sanatana means eternal and dharma in this context means religion. Thus, Hinduism is the "Eternal Religion." Calling a religion eternal naturally leads to the reflection, "What is it that is eternal in the universe?" The answer, of course is just one entity--God. I propose that Hinduism's eternal essence is possible only if it abides in the intelligence of God. How then does this spiritual knowledge pass from God to man, whose inmost being is also immortal?"

Read the full Publishers Desk article from Hinduism Today's July issue at "source' above.

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