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A Place to Call Home for Hindus in the Sioux Empire

on 2018/9/14 11:42:32 ( 934 reads )


TEA, SOUTH DAKOTA, August 26, 2018 (KDLT News): The Hindu Temple of Siouxland has been working to open a new place to worship for nearly a decade. Last spring, the group broke ground in Tea. "This community has been trying to build this temple since 2009 and it's really a community dream that's going to come true very soon. So we are all tremendously excited and happy about it," says Chair of the Hindu Temple of Siouxland Archana Chatterjee.

There are around 2,000 families that identify as Hindu in the Sioux Empire and Hinduism is continuing to grow throughout the region. Officials with the temple say this new facility is much needed, as there's been a considerable growth of Hindu populations in the Dakotas. "We wanted to have a temple where we could all just come together and pray together," says Hindu Temple of Siouxland President Ramesh Singh. They'll soon have a new place to call home, and they encourage the community to come learn about their faith. The temple was set to open this weekend, however recent rains delayed the opening to sometime in October. The nearest Hindu temples in this region are located in Omaha and Minneapolis.

Short video at "source" above.

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