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Aryan Invasion-Migration of India and German Anti-Semitism

on 2018/12/9 12:23:41 ( 748 reads )


UNITED STATES, October 4, 2018 (DCF USA by Vishwa Alduri): A debate has been raging between proponents of the view that the Aryans migrated into India, and those who hold the opposite view. In this blog, I do not attempt to resolve that debate; indeed, I make no claims about the historical reality of an ethnic group, whether called "Aryan," "Indian" or "Indo-German." Rather, I seek to bring historical perspective to this debate by illustrating the political and rhetorical uses to which the search for origins has been put, especially the origins of a semi-divine "culture people" (Kulturvolk) held to be responsible for bringing civilization and progress to the rest of humanity.

German Indologists' historical accounts about ancient India were neither objective nor secular. The Indologists lacked historical training. What they peddled as "history" was, in fact, racial prejudices disguised in teleological terms (for example, that it was natural for the "stronger" race to defeat the "weaker"). We must learn to recognize that the "history" we have been told is fundamentally a racial history. Even indigenous accounts of history (see, for example, the work of D. D. Kosambi) attest to this racial bias. In many ways, the "official" history of India has functioned as an apology for colonization and a legitimation for cultural and ethnic genocides.

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