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Bali Temples To Have Information Centers

on 2011/2/28 19:25:21 ( 2873 reads )

BALI, INDONESIA, February 26, 2011: The provincial government of Bali plans to equip its most sacred Hindu temples with information centers to assist visiting tourists. Chief among those temples targeted for information centers are the largest religious sites most frequented by visitors, such a Bali's Mother temple of Pura Besakih.

Bali governor Made Mangku Pastika said on Wednesday that the establishment of information centers is badly needed because many guides are giving incorrect information to tourists. This is particularly the case for guides originating from outside Bali who do not fully understand the traditions and culture of Bali.

Pastika said the planned information centers will be staffed by people drawn from surrounding areas who truly understand about history, and local rules and protocols. This is especially important in Bali where every temples has its own distinctive set of rules and regulations.


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