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Bihar State Passes New Anti-Dowry Law

on 2003/11/12 0:47:02 ( 2161 reads )


BIHAR, INDIA, November 5, 2003: In an attempt to dissuade the practise of dowry in a state that has witnessed a rise in dowry death cases, the Rabri Devi government requires any of its male employees who get married to declare in writing that they never received any dowry. To back up the statement, it also has to be signed by the spouse, father and the father-in-law. The government recently passed the Bihar State Prohibition of Dowry Rules 2003. As government employees are in great demand in Bihar as potential marriage partners, they often demanded exorbitant dowries. Also according to the this article, the new law requires that the bridegroom's father submit a list of all gift items, including ornaments, received by the newly-weds to the district dowry prohibition officer within a month of the wedding ceremony. Welfare officers in various districts in the state have been assigned the additional duty of dowry prohibition officers. So far the welfare officers can carry out any investigations but, if they suspect foul play, the case is turned over to the police.

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