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Encyclopaedia Britannica Will Review Its Hinduism Article

on 2009/5/15 7:49:02 ( 4284 reads )


KAPAA, HAWAII, May 15, 2009: After a detailed letter exposed the flaws of their article on Hinduism, Encyclopeadia Britannica announced it will revise it while "strives for balance in all subjects." The letter was written by Amit Raj Dhawan, an electrical engineer by profession and a Hindu.

In his expose, Dhawan wrote, "Britannica has misrepresented the concept and message of Hinduism, and Hindu values have been disparaged. The articles on Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have been written in a very good sense, and the evils of these religions have been subjugated by the way of presentation of those themes. It seems that the ambition of Encyclopaedia Britannica is to show Hinduism inferior to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism."

Britannica's editors were responsive. Brian Duignan, Senior Editor of Philosophy and Religion, said that "We agree that the article is in need of revision. We are working now to identify a Hindu scholar to lead that revision." Brian welcomed the thoughtful criticism and reassured Hindus about Britannica's approach to religious subjects, "We don't expect to please everyone--balance by nature will always disappoint some people--but we weigh all earnest criticism seriously, especially when it reflects as much work and thought as yours. We agree with your premise that all religions should be treated with equal respect and that this can be achieved without compromising scholarly standards."

The revision, Britannica says, will take some time. You can read Amit Raj Dhawan's submission to Britannica clicking here.

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