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Eye-Catching Indians Temple in South Iran

on 2019/3/23 14:08:47 ( 1484 reads )


BANDAR ABBAS, IRAN, March 20, 2019 (Mehr News Agency): Located near the center of Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan province, this Hindu Temple is one of the historical monuments built in 1892 through the offers of Indian merchants. The design of this temple is completely inspired by Indian architecture and is clearly distinguishable from other buildings of the city. Beautiful slide-show at "source".

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Author Thread
karunakara menon
Published: 2019/3/26 9:51  
Congratulations to the Iranian people who have taken care to protect this old temple. My humble Salaams. CPK Menon

Author Thread
sunil thayavalapil kyprat
Published: 2019/4/2 23:23  
Thanks to the Shia Muslims of Iran for protecting this monument from destruction.
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