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Hindu Center Burns Down in Australian Bush Fires

on 2020/1/15 10:29:11 ( 837 reads )


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, January 10, 2020 (Hindu Council Australia): Sydney has a large Hindu population and there are about 30 Hindu temples, spiritual centers and senior citizen service centers to cater for their religious, spiritual and social needs. Sri Om community in Sydney had purchased land and installed their Deities with regular worship by the community. Recent bush fires in Australia have burned down about 2,000 homes and millions of hectares of bush land. A small Hindu temple is one of these buildings that has been completely burned down. The small town of Clarence where this temple is situated has been mostly destroyed.

On Saturday, 21st December 2019, the Sri Om community were provided the tragic news that one of their activity centers, 184 Kerma Crescent, Clarence (near Lithgow), the main premise had been completely destroyed in the Mt. Gospers monster fire that has currently burned through over 500,000 Hectares of land. Fortunately, none of the members or the public were in the vicinity of the fires during the course of the tragic events. The premise has actively been used by Sri Om Foundation and its sister organization, Sri Om Adi Sakthi Ashram, over the last 3 years. Future plans for the center had been also discussed with various community groups, local, state and federal government to better equip the premise with facilities for our people. This news is obviously a big set back to the organization, however, we believe we can rebuild with the help from our community.

For information on how to help see "source" above.

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