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Hinduism Today Seeks Information on Children's Fort Building Custom in Maharashatra as Part of Diwali Celebration

on 2021/3/2 9:55:01 ( 410 reads )

KAUAI, HAWAII, March 1, 2021 (HPI): One of Hinduism Today's young reporters is preparing a story on the Maharashtrian tradition for children of making a model fort (killa or quila) during Diwali. The tradition is generally said to be in honor of the great Maharashtrian king, Shivaji, who himself built model forts to develop military strategies. The children's forts can take weeks to build and be quite complex.

Do any of our readers know how and when this tradition started? Or why it is specifically connected with Diwali? If you can help, kindly email our managing editor, Acharya Arumuganathaswami, at

We're also seeking photos of well-made forts not only in India but in other countries where Maharashtrians have settled. Our story, for example, is on fort building in California.

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arundhati sundar
Published: 2021/3/12 20:49  
I don’t have any details but 5 /6 years back i was passing by a village in maharashtra, saw some colorful display and stopped. The kids there saw me taking photographs and led me through some lanes to many more forts. They didn’t talk to me much as they thought I maybe from from the ‘education’ dept or an inspector and they would be in trouble for ‘missing’ school. It was 3-4 days after Diwali, so the kids were saying it was far more elaborate earlier. The character dolls had all been removed! If you need I can search up the photographs.
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