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In India, the Secret of Arranged Marriage

on 2017/11/13 12:12:53 ( 1411 reads )


NEW DELHI, INDIA, November 12, 2017 (Le Temps, translated from French): In Murugavel Janakiraman's office, drawings of his daughter are pinned next to the family photos. He proudly presents the portraits of his children Arjun and Anisha, his mother, who lives under his roof, and Deepa, his wife, whom he married through, the most popular matrimonial site in the country--and founded by Janakiraman himself in 2000. The site is now showing tremendous growth and in September it made a notable IPO.

The businessman embodies what he sells: arranged marriages that are woven on the Web, the association of traditional values with pure technology. This self-taught 46-year-old Tamil man has earned a golden place in the marriage market, a sacrosanct event for India's 1.3 billion people. Its site, which employs 750 people, occupies the top floor of a Chennai tower. The originality of is to propose sites adapted to each social category. "In India, 95% of marriages take place within a caste or a community," explains Murugavel Janakiraman. Under the umbrella of the site, it offers more than 300 marriage platforms by language, religion, caste, country, even "status," such as "divorced."

Much more at "source" above.

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