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In Nepal, New Law Cracks Down on Expression of Religion

on 2017/9/8 20:06:48 ( 766 reads )


NEPAL, September 4, 2017 (Mission Network News): [HPI note: MNN is a Christian Missionary Group, which explains the slant of this article. It doesn't actually explain what the new laws are, but we suspect they may be similar to the long standing laws against proselytism in Greece--]

Christianity in Nepal has two main bullies--Hindu radicals from within the country, and India. Thanks to growing pressures from these two sources, religious freedoms for minority groups are severely threatened. Earlier this month, a bill was passed that will likely restrict Christians and other groups from sharing their faith. It is currently being finalized into law.

The language of the bill closely resembles blasphemy and anti-conversion laws from neighboring countries. As we know, these laws are often abused to target specific groups--usually Christians. More specifically, Christian Solidarity Worldwide says the law will criminalize some instances of religious conversion. Joe Handley of Asian Access says this move goes against recent advances for religious freedoms in Nepal. "There's a deep concern that's happened most recently following the earthquake because so many have come to Christ that they have put into effect this new law that restricts the liberties of Christians and other minorities to share their faith."

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