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Inditales Creates an Instagram Visual Database of Temples

on 2019/9/26 12:31:38 ( 712 reads )


GOA, INDIA, September 25, 2019 (by Anurada Goyal): Temples of India are as diverse as any other aspect of India. They are diverse in terms of their architecture, in terms of presiding Deities, the people who built them from mighty kings to common man and in terms of how the worship is done. Some of them are homes of Deities while others are Deities themselves. Some are celebrating a moment in the history of Bharatvarsha while others dwell in the eternal or Sanatan. Check out this visual database of Indian temples with a story of each of them, along with basic details like location, presiding Deity, builder & period to which it belongs.

Click source above to access the account, and scroll up on the comments field to read the 200 to 400 word caption about the temple.

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