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Mauritius to Strengthen Links With India

on 2000/12/21 0:49:02 ( 1709 reads )


CHENNAI, INDIA, December 20, 2000: Mauritius has decided to strengthen its links with India to enhance its educational and training facilities. Mr. Ramduthsing Jaddoo, a former Minister for Human Resource Development in Mauritius and the brain behind a movement to revamp higher education is in India to establish links with some South Indian centers like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. He told "The Hindu" newspaper that both Mauritius government ministries and institutions and the private sector needed modern, IT-friendly management training to equip themselves for the era of globalization. He visited the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) and met educationalists, on the premise that a consultancy centre would be established very soon to source the talent from this region for Mauritius in both employment and in the training faculty. A package for Indians to both invest in Mauritius and take up professional appointments there would be unveiled by an official delegation visiting India in January.

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