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Muslims Put Up Water Stalls During Lord Hanuman Puja

on 2011/6/4 23:39:09 ( 4069 reads )


LUCKNOW, INDIA, May 25, 2011: Traditional water stalls do not discriminate between any religion. As per the traditions, Muslims set up water stalls at prominent places in the city while they also queued up to have prasad and cold drinks during this Hindu Festival. Lucknow celebrates Bada Mangal as a reverence to Lord Hanuman wherein people from all walks of life set up stalls offering water, cold drinks and sweets to the denizens. The trend continues for all the four Tuesdays in the month of Jyestha in the Hindu calendar.

Praising the spirit of Lucknow, historian Roshan Taqui opined that Muslims and Hindus have always been in forefront in celebrating and extending a helping hand in each other's festivities. "The most visible example is the Purana Hanuman Mandir in Aliganj. A crescent over its dome symbolises Hindu-Muslim unity," he said. It is believed that the temple was built after the mother of a Muslim ruler had a dream telling her to build a temple to Lord Hanuman. "Still today we can find Muslims putting up stalls of flowers used for offerings outside various temples of the city," said Taqui.

Hindus also set up stalls during Muslim festivals. "We support the water stalls on Bada Mangal and our Hindu brethren put up water stalls during Muharram. It is the spirit and tradition of Lucknow. There is no religious discrimination. Our religion also stresses on offering water to the thirsty," remarked spokesperson, All India Shia Personal Law Board, Maulana Yasoob Abbas.

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