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Oklahoma Legislature Authorizes 10 Commandments At Capitol

on 2009/5/15 7:48:02 ( 1223 reads )

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, USA, Friday, May, 8, 2009: The Oklahoma
House of Representatives, by a vote of 83-2, has passed HB 1330, the
Ten Commandments Monument Display Act. The bill, previously passed by
the Senate, now goes to Gov. Brad Henry for his signature. It provides in

The State Capitol Preservation Commission ... is hereby authorized to ...
arrange for the placement on the State Capitol grounds of a suitable
monument displaying the Ten Commandments. ..."

The placement of this monument shall not be construed to mean that the
State of Oklahoma favors any particular religion or denomination thereof
over others, but rather will be placed on the Capitol grounds where there
are numerous other monuments.The family of Rep. Mike Ritze, sponsor of
the bill, will pay the $10,000 cost of the monument."

[HPI note: The article does not state whether any of those "numerous
other monuments" are religious in nature, and if so, which religions are

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