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Organiser Newspaper Reports on Sita Ram Goel

on 2003/12/11 0:45:02 ( 2138 reads )


DELHI, INDIA, December 11, 2003: Noted thinker, renowned scholar and writer Shri Sita Ram Goel passed away in New Delhi on December 3. He was 83. He is survived by his two sons Saroj Kumar Goel and Pradip Kumar Goel. His wife had passed away long back. He was cremated at Nigam Bodh Ghat. His younger son Pradip Kumar Goel performed the last rites. For the last few years Shri Goel was on bed rest and was not attending office. Union Minister Arun Shourie, columnist Devendra Swaroop and journalist Rajendra Chaddha were among those who attended the funeral.

Born on October 16, 1921, Shri Goel took his MA in History in 1944, from the University of Delhi. He won scholarships and distinctions in schools as well as colleges. Well versed in several languages, he studied the literature, philosophy, religion, history and sociology of several cultures -- ancient, medieval and modern. For his judgements and evaluations, however, he drew inspiration from the Mahabharata, the Suttapitaka, Plato and Sri Aurobindo.

Besides Hindu-Muslim Encounter, Genesis of Nehruism, Shri Goel has written more than 20 books on Communism, Soviet Russia, Red China, Christianity and Islam. Author of eight novels, he has translated into Hindi quite a few titles from English, including some dialogues of Plato and a biography of Shivaji. His other works include compilations from the Mahabharata and the Suttapitaka. He exposed the reality of Islam and the Christian church at a time when nobody had the courage to speak or write against them. Through the Voice of India Publications he published a number of books on such subjects.

Having become a convinced Communist by the time he came out of college, he turned against this criminal ideology in 1949 when he came to know what was happening inside Soviet Russia. From 1950 onwards he participated in a movement for informing the Indian people about the theory as well as the practice of Communism in Stalin's Russia and Mao's China. The numerous studies published by the movement in the fifties exist in many libraries and can be consulted for finding out how the movement anticipated many years earlier the recent revelations about Communist regimes.

RSS chief, K. S. Sudarshan, said, "The news that Sita Ram Goel was no more reached me in Akola, and my memory goes 30 years back. Sita Ramji had long ceased to be an individual; he had grown into an institution by himself. He was a veritable giant of an intellectual impossible to vanquish. Coming in contact with the great thinker and scholar the late Ram Swarup, Sita Ram Goel, an erstwhile Communist, became a true blue Hindu by conviction. Today Hindutva is under attack from all quarters and the absence of this super-intellectual fighter will be keenly felt. The need of the hour is to have similar intellectual combatants in substantial numbers who can draw inspiration from his life. That indeed would be true tribute to the departed soul. I offer my heartfelt homage to this indefatigable intellectual stalwart, who was dedicated to the cause of Hindutva."

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