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Rameshbai Oza, Hindu of the Year 2006, Inspires Fiji

on 2009/7/24 10:02:01 ( 3198 reads )


LABASA, FIJI, July 23, 2009: More than 4000 people gathered last night to listen to spiritual words delivered by the Sant Sri Rameshbhai Oza, a priest who is well known worldwide.

Sant Oza said he was attracted by the purity of the people and the environment; he said that he could feel that Labasa was closer to God in nature. "People's emotions are very much pure and they are more dedicated to God," he said. "I would like to tell everybody in this island to remain with nature and to see God all the time. The best thing is to get away from all the bad habits; stay pure".

Local priest Kamlesh Maharaj expressed how important the sant's visit was to the people, who had been listening to him preach on the radio for years. "We learn many basics of philosophy of Hinduism and moral values that we need to practice in our society today. He also helps us to develop our spiritual growth, which is a very important part of life."

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