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Remedying Negationism in Indian History - An On-Line Course for Fall 2020

on 2020/9/19 12:33:35 ( 270 reads )


UNITED STATES, September 18, 2020 (Indology Academy): (HPI note: Wikipedia defines "negationism" as "a distortion of the historical record.") Indology Academy is offering a one credit hour academic equivalent course titled "Rectifying Historiography: Diagnosing and Remedying Holy War Negationism in India". A brief description states: Dr. Koenraad Elst teaches a course focusing on the willful distortions in the recent and contemporary writing of Indian history, specifically pertaining to the whitewashing or denial of crimes and discriminations motivated by religion. You will get a description of the phenomenon of history denial, with some case studies; the story of how and why it started and then was promoted to state policy; how it compares technically and morally with famous cases of the denial of massacres elsewhere; and how it has come to determine India's image worldwide. The question is also pursued how these distortions and their rectification affect the coexistence between victim groups and perpetrator groups today. During the course the students-participants will get an overview of the field of Negationism Studies and its application to the intersection of Indology and History.

For any further information regarding the course, curriculum, program or administration, see "source" above or contact:
Rajiv Varma,, 1 (832) 736-5643 (Contact via Whatsapp)

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