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Spirituality as India's Soft Power

on 2019/1/24 11:22:00 ( 686 reads )


INDIA, January 23, 2019 (India Facts by Maria Wirth): Spirituality is in all likelihood India's most important soft power because it gives answers to the basic questions of human beings regarding the meaning of life, and most importantly, who we essentially are. The truth that we all are essentially the same invisible spirit was discovered by the Rishis in India. This knowledge is of immense value. It naturally resonates with anyone who is open-minded and wants to know the truth. The rishis also made it clear that we can realize what we are, because we ARE it.

Yet this knowledge is also the reason why India is so much opposed. News about India in mainstream media is mainly negative. Why? Because the West and particularly the Church don't want people to get interested in India. If someone is interested and becomes familiar with India's wisdom, he is likely to lose faith in dogmatic religions, because Sanatana or Hindu Dharma makes sense - and the Church loses its hold. For India's soft power to have a chance to influence the world, one issue needs to be urgently addressed. This issue is the claim that Hindu civilisation is not respectable, that Hinduism is wrong and Hindus, being idol-worshippers, will go to hell, unless they convert. It is incomprehensible why such wrong, unacceptable teaching has not yet been strongly condemned by Hindus.

Much more at "source" above.

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