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Thirteen Major Upanishads Translated Into Spanish Directly from Sanskrit for the First Time

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SPAIN, November 28, 2019 (La Voz De Galicia, translated from Spanish): "Upanisad, Correspondencias Ocultas" has been published by Editorial Atalanta publishers. The Valencian author, Juan Arnau--astrophysicist and doctor in Sanskrit philosophy--is responsible for the editing and translation, for which he had the collaboration of the poet Vicente Gallego and the Sanskritists Oscar Figueroa, Wendy Phillips and Roberto Garcia. The Upanishads, notes Juan Arnau, are the culmination of Vedic thought, hymns that come from oral tradition and are revealed to the wise men of antiquity and preserved by scholarly families of brahmins (Hindu priests). "Depositaries of a singular vision of the world and a deeply intuitive philosophy, the Upanisads contain dialogues, poems, aphorisms and teachings whose purpose," he says, "is to experience the principle and the sacred force that animates everything." Arnau had previously translated into Spanish--published 2016 (also by Atalanta)--the Bhagavad Gita.

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