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Thousands Expected at Annual Hindu Festival

on 2018/10/13 12:33:01 ( 1006 reads )


EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, October 13, 2018 (Edinburgh News): For more than two decades thousands of people have gathered to enjoy the medley of Indian and Scottish culture in the free event organized by the Scottish India Arts Forum (SIAF). The charity, which has been actively promoting Indian arts and culture in Scotland since 1994, returns on Sunday, October 21 with a dramatic re-enactment of the legendary Hindu God Rama's tussle between good and evil at its heart. The celebrations will also include flaming 25-foot effigies of demons built by volunteer prisoners from Saughton Prison, set alight as part of the fireworks display. Revelers will be treated to a taste of India with food stalls and a showcase of performances of more than 100 amateur and professional artists.

Dusherra, one of the largest festivals in India commemorates a 10-day war between the Gods and demons thousands of years ago. It is celebrated with gusto by communities across the country with music, dance, food and a symbolic burning of effigies. President of SIAF Rajnish Singh said: "We at SIAF are extremely proud of Dusherra celebration over the years in a format where it is open to all with free entry despite all the challenges. "We are very grateful for the continued support from our funders for this year as well. It is one of the most popular Indian events in the city and we highly appreciate the support of local Indian and Scottish community who participate in the celebration in big numbers."

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