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Vinayaka Chavithi Celebrated with Great Zeal in Gulf by Telugu NRIs

on 2017/8/27 12:38:44 ( 1817 reads )


RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, August 26, 2017 (Telangana Today): The Telugu NRI community in Gulf on Friday celebrated Vinayaka Chavithi with great devotion and dedication. There was a great enthusiasm among the community as the event fell on Friday which is a weekend off here in the Gulf. Unlike in India, the majority of people in Gulf immerse the statues in a day or two and only very few keep for nine-days.

The Telugu community in Kuwait celebrated the event with zeal and a show at the premises of the Indian community school in Khaitan. For first time in Kuwait, a 6.5 foot statue was installed and over 3,000 Telugu people visited to perform Puja, according to main organizer K. Rammohan. And in Dubai, crowds thronged into the Shiva Mandir, the only Hindu temple located in Bur Dubai, since early morning.

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