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Global Dharma
In My Opinion: The Light of the Spirit
An ancient story leads us to five laws that, if we heed them, will lead us to the goal of life
Special Feature: Bali, Land of Offerings
Ancient Outpost of Hinduism Thrives in Modern Times
Memory: Dealing with the Unspeakable
Shaken by an attack of fiendish terror, the Balinese respond with forgiveness
Quotes and Quips
Educational Insight: Hindu Wedding
The Sacred Rites of Matrimony, Excerpted from Vivaha Samskara, The Hindu Wedding Ceremony, published by the Hindu Mandir Executives' Conference
From the Agamas: How Grace Descends as the Guru
Siva bestows blessings when maya fades and karmas are balanced
Music, Art and Dance: Bali's Bedazzling Cultural ...
Deftly adapting to new influences, Bali retains its graceful arts heritage
History and Geography: Shaped by Volcanos and Fiery ...
The thrilling history and active geographic features that shaped the island of Bali
Festival: Bali's Annual Day of Silence
A time of purification and reflection for the whole island--with no exceptions
Scripture: Safeguarding Bali's Sacred Palm Leaves
Bali's lontar bundles contain scriptures brought from India over a thousand years ago, including ancient versions of the Ramayana and Mahabharata
Rites of Passage: Setting Souls Free with Fire To ...
Balinese Hindus believe proper cremation is critical to cutting earthly bonds and ensuring the soul's unfettered passage into its next birth--back in heavenly Bali
Traditions: The Reality of Animal Sacrifice
This controversial practice is widely accepted in Bali, Nepal and a handful of other places. Opinions on its basis and morality differ throughout the Hindu world.
Publisher's Desk: Behold the Sacred Lotus Flower
Progressing from our instinctive to intellectual to spiritual nature, our soul unfolds to resplendence like a beautiful lotus
Book Excerpt: "My Continuing Love Affair with ...
In Fragrant Rice, transplanted Aussie Janet De Neefe shares her insight into island life as experienced with her husband Ketuk and their children
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