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Educational Insight Part I: Medical Ethics
How Hindu Dharma Addresses 25 Controversial Medical Issues Frequently Encountered by Physicians
Educational Insight Part II: A Health-Care Provider's ...
Excerpts from a new booklet by Queensland Health, Australia
Culture: Namaste, Greeting the Divine
The Western handshake versus the Eastern anjali mudra: daily gestures that reveal much about two distinct cultures
Karnataka: Chitrapur's Innovative Leader
Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji sets new patterns for passing dharma to the next generation and service to his community
Minister's Message: Steps to Reach the Absolute
To attain our true Self requires honing our humility and aspiration through service, fitness and purification, followed by consistent meditation
Special Feature: After 150 Years, the Voice of Vivekananda ...
The religious beliefs of Indians and Americans bear the indelible imprint of this compellingly Hindu monk
Philosophy: The Ideal of Universal Religion
Excerpts from a talk by Swami Vivekananda in which he offers that yoga is the essential unity that underlies the the world’s diverse faiths
Health: "Diabesity:" A Modern Pandemic
A shift toward sugared foods and less physical activity has caused a steady rise in obesity and diabetes, leading to the greatest health crisis of our time
In My Opinion: Hindu AND American
How unity in diversity defines my religion, my country, its people and myself
Publisher's Desk: Advancing through Life’s Four ...
Applying the wisdom of ashrama dharma lends dignity and increasing purpose to every decade of life, but requires some new thinking
From the Agamas: How Do We Know What We Know?
True knowledge comes only from the power of pure consciousness
Philosophy: Vivekananda’s Quantum Leap
His understanding of matter and energy anticipated the discovery of the quantum—key to the inevitable merger of modern science with spirituality
Culture: Hinduism Is Right Next Door
My journey toward Hinduism taught me that anyone who is sincere and open-minded can find a place in this most ancient faith
Interviews: Tackling Today's Thorny Issues
HINDUISM TODAY asked three insightful ministers four tough questions at the Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference held in California in August, 2012
Philosophy: Time, Our Hindu View
Musings on the perennial value and profound implications of our vast cycles of yugas and kalpas spanning trillions of years
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