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Special Feature: Nearly a Million Climb to 13,000 Feet to ...
Hindus in ever-increasing numbers make the strenuous yearly trek high into the mountains of Kashmir
Tradition: Karnataka's Magnanimous Math
How a 105-year-old swami and his followers are creating a 21st century spiritual and educational legacy that remains faithful to a 700-year-old past
Culture: Passing on Dharma through Sacred Dance
Hema Rajagopalan’s lifetime of dance and teaching goes far beyond art—it is the powerful transmission of cultural and spiritual values to the next generation
Growing Up Hindu: Morality Stories for Hindu Youth
How Lord Ganesha Saved Little Usha
Culture: Diwali, Deep in the Heart of Texas
Each year at the University of Texas at Austin, the Hindu Students Association puts on a grand celebration of light that is a perfect fit for the Lone Star State
Nature: Animals Have Souls and Feelings, Just Like We Do
Discoveries about other animals consciousness challenge the arrogance of Homo sapiens and call for greater compassion and nonviolence in our relations
In My Opinion: How I Became a Hindu
My search for a religion that would bring me to a confrontation with Truth has led me to Hinduism
Publisher's Desk: Hinduism, Religion or Way of Life?
Our publisher confronts a long-standing misapprehension about our faith, showing us why Hinduism is more than a way of life
From The Agamas: On Personal and Public Worship
Exploring the outer and inner ritual in reverence to the Sivalinga
Government: Pluralism Reaches a Milestone in America
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii becomes the first Hindu to be sworn in to the United States House of Representatives
Tradition: Mealtime Blessings
No matter what’s on the plate, giving thanks is universal
Youth: My Journey Towards Hinduism
On the steps of Har ki Pauri Ghat in Haridwar, this young second-generation Indian woman from the UK finally connected with her faith
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Websites: Upgrading Wikipedia's Hindu Content
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