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Special Feature: Exploring the Temples of Java, Indonesia
Among the world's largest Hindu and Buddhist temples, they have survived earthquakes, volcanoes and changes in religious loyalty
Temples: Fully Enclosed Ornate Marble Temple Opens in New ...
BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Robbinsville is the latest phase in what will become the Western world's largest Hindu temple complex
Observances: Nepal's Dynamic Indra Festival
Hindus and Buddhists join together in a 400-year-old celebration that invokes divine blessings through giant Deities and a sanctified little girl
Educational Insight: How the Major Religions View God, Soul ...
Nine Core Beliefs of Twelve World Religions And Three Revealing Comparisons
Temple Worship: Feeding God In Gratitude
A joyous ancient ritual of thanksgiving celebrates the divine source of the sustenance of our lives
Exhibits: Exploring Kurukshetra’s Museum for Lord Krishna
Srikrishna Museum offers a comprehensive and immersive experience through historical artifacts and modern multimedia exhibits
Sacred Sculpture: Bringing Gods to Earth Through Stone
The story of Perumal Sthapati, one of India’s finest stone carvers, exemplifies an age-old Hindu tradition experiencing a resurgence in the 21st century
Pilgimage: How Ganesha Became Our Life’s Pilot
A devotee shares his experience and the blessings he received at the eight famed temples near Pune
Goddesses: Sarasvati in Japan
Ancient Buddhist monks introduced the Hindu pantheon
Book Review: Sciences of the Ancient Hindus
How an author refused to change the term Hindus to Indians and ended up having to self-publish his compilation of early Hindu scientific achievements
Preceptor: Mother, Father, Guru, God
Hindu dharma is fulfilled when we find and hold a spiritual preceptor in our hearts and lives, then strive to be the spiritual being he would have us be
Opinion: How to Engage Young Hindus?
Social activities held by youth groups can unite the youth and encourage them to form bonds of friendship from within the mandir
Culture: Women’s Status in Ancient India
Hinduism’s revealed scriptures summon forth high regard for women
In My Opinion: Bharatanatyam’s Hidden Powers
More than art, Indian dance is a transformative personal discipline that elevates our society
Publisher's Desk: The Aim of Hindu Practices
Dharma, seva, puja and raja yoga lead to purification of the mind, which is the essence of all spiritual endeavors
From The Agamas: “I Am the Supreme Self”
An elucidation of the sadhaka’s inner identification with the Absolute
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Borobudur Buddhist Temple
he largest Buddhist temple in the world and Indonesia's top tourist attraction, built near the Prambanan and at about the same time
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