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Global Dharma
In My Opinion: Ambassadors for Hinduism
As Hindus, our ability to articulately explain our faith to others is of utmost importance in today's world
Publisher's Desk - An Alternative to Happiness
A simple practice which internalizes consciousness...
Quotes & Quips
From the Agamas: Understanding the Layers of Existence
An introduction to the 36 tattvas and how they relate to each soul
The Holy Sites of Mathura
Follow our journalist and photographer to Mathura, where they explore the Krishna Janmabhoomi temple and enjoy the the town's spectacular Holi celebrations, then visit the nearby sacred lakes of Goverdhan and the Radha Rani temple
Education: Revising California's Curriculum
Though not perfect, the state's new K-12 "History-Social Science Framework" assures more accurate treatment of India and Hinduism
Traditions: Tattoos Of Devotion and Defiance
A snapshot of the Ramnamis, who for decades have taken on full-body tattoos in protest of prejudice
Educational Insight: Path to Siva
A Catechism for Youth
Environment: Assessing the Meat Industry's Impact on ...
Aside from the deplorable treatment of farm animals, consider for a moment that giving up beef alone can have more environmental benefit than giving up your car
Lifestyle: What if My Child Renounces the World?
An exploration of parents' wishes and expectations, attitudes and reactions when a son or daughter is irresistibly drawn to renunciate life
Culture: Dear Diary, My Guru Came to London
Growing up as a Hindu in the cosmopolitan capital, a young woman shares a heartwarming tale of cultural discovery
The Arts: Dancing for Lords Ganesha and Siva
Two sisters from Arizona fly to Hawaii for a single purpose: to offer their loving talents to the temple Deities
Digital Dharma
Hindu Renaissance Award: Morari Bapu, Our Hindu of the ...
Shri Morari Bapu is honored for decades of Ram Katha that has inspired devotion and adherence to dharma for countless Hindus the world over
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