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Global Dharma
In My Opinion: A Call to Teach Hinduism
Taking an active educational roll to help others decode and deepen their Hindu Identity
One God, Many Divinities - Publisher's Desk
A guide to the complexities of Deity images in Hindu temples and the nature of our temple consecration rites
Quotes & Quips
From The Upanishads: The Beginning and the End of all ...
The mantra Aum stands for the manifest cosmos and the unmanifest Absolute
Special Feature: Sikkim Harmonious Himalayan Highland
India's smallest and northernmost state of Sikkim is known for its Hindu, Buddhist and indigenous traditions, high mountains, serene environment, organic-only farming policy and, lately, for its strategic geography at India's border with China and Bhutan.
Healthcare: The US Medical Profession Discovers Food's ...
A hospital in West Texas is a bellwether for a young movement that teaches many of our deadly diseases can be mitigated, even cured, by a change in diet
Educational Insight: Mirabai's Soulful Love of God
The Life and Legacy of a Poet-Saint
Architecture: India's Astonishing Great Wall
The untold history of Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan's most famous fort, surrounded by a massive 23-mile-long rampart that is second only to China's Great Wall
Film: The Man Who Knew Infinity
A young woman's review and reflections upon a film that honors a life of genius, and touches on issues confronting Hindus today
Culture: To My Fellow Hindus of the West
A call to second-generation Indians in the United States and elsewhere to do their part to help sustain our great religion and pass it on to subsequent generations
Religion: Siva's Kailas of the South
God's blessings flow out to the world during the chariot festival at Chennai's Kapaleeshwarar Temple-the millennia-old southern abode of Lord Siva
Opinion: Concerns of American Hindu Youth
A student gives her impressions of the Drishti Conference in Boston
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