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Claiming Your Omnipresence
How to separate your awareness from what you are aware of and enjoy a part of your mind that is always peaceful & all-pervasive
Global Dharma
In My Opinion: A Search of Self-Inquiry
How I came to understand what it means to be a Hindu
Are Humans Natural Herbivores?
Quotes & Quips
From the Agamas
A condensed translation from the Agamas revealing the holy names of Siva and varied qualities of existence in the higher realms of existence
Special Feature: Discover the Royal Temples of Jammu
Since ancient times the royal families of Jammu have built and maintained temples and seen to the training of priests and scholars of Sanskrit to preserve a high level of worship. In our feature story we visit several of the city’s major temples
World Hindu Congress 2018
In the city where Swami Vivekananda became famous, thousands gather to celebrate and debate the role of Hindus and Hinduism in today’s world
Questionnaire: Let's Hear from India's Youth
To assess the religious ideas and opinions of youth of her generation, our author posted a questionnaire and followed up with phone calls
Books: Demystifying Hinduism for the Next Generation
Hindol Sengupta thinks out loud with a bold narrative that stands strong for Hinduism and proclaims, “You are not a sinner. You are divine.”
Temple/Environment: Enter the Sacred Kavu Groves of Kerala
A little-known tradition of Hindu temples is maintenance of a natural habitat, a space where elemental devas, the spirits of earth and water, can abide freely
Digital Dharma
Educational Insight: South India’s Bhakti Saints
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