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Publisher's Desk - Should Parents Teach Their Kids ...
In a globalized world, people are questioning the need to pass their faith on to the next generation. Let’s talk about that.
Global Dharma
In My Opinion: Reincarnated in the West
Hindus can organize a cohesive narrative through the establishment of accredited educational institutions
Letters to the Editor
Quotes & Quips
From the Upanishads: What Is the Primal Cause?
Reflections on the subtle origins of existence, resident within us all
Feature Article: Training Priests for Our 21st-Century ...
An unusual school dedicated to training new generations of Saivite Hindu priests is situated in a sheltered corner of the cosmopolitan Art of Living campus founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the outskirts of Bengaluru, India.
Music as an Expression of Soft Power
The annual Chennai Music Season is a prime driver by which India’s sophisticated musical tradition influences culture on a global scale
A Palace of Tamil Devotional Poetry
Discover this unique Sri Lankan shrine with 108 Sivalingams paying homage to the 658 holy hymns of Saint Manikkavasagar’s renowned Thiruvasagam
Educational Insight: Modern-Day Ayurveda
An accomplished doctor prescribes a remedy after considering the patient’s nature, the disease’s nature and the time of year.
A Young Hindu Responds to Hindu Parents
Reflections on how parents in Western countries can pass down dharma to their children and future generations
India From Above
Two gifted fans of India team up to bring us a glimpse of Bharat Mata’s specialness.
The Magical Realm of Our Sleep
A Hindu view of sleep and dreams, with insights from rishis and experts in ayurveda and modern medical science
Digital Dharma: WikiHow to Be a Hindu?
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