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  • February 1979
  • Dr. S. Sanmugasundaran Publishes First Edition of an Eastern Periodical for the West
  • Dr. S. Sanmugasundaran Publishes First Edition of an Eastern Periodical for the West

    Dr. S. Sanmugasundaran Publishes First Edition of an Eastern Periodical for the West

    First Issue of "Sivaneri; The Saivite Path" Arrives to Commemorate Gurudev's Jayanthi

    Dr. Sanmugasundaran, having just returned to his native Sri Lanka after a three-month journey through the United States, Canada and England, has published the first edition of a periodical called "Sivaneri: The Saivite path." The journal is printed by the Rajamani Press in Colombo and published and edited by Dr. Shan, as he is affectionately known in the West. During his travels, Dr. Shan recognized the need for such a paper, one that would maintain the continuity of the ancient teachings of Hinduism, and especially those of our saints and beloved Paramaguru, Saint Yogaswami. That continuity is naturally a part of life in the East, for one finds their lives and teachings depicted in the temples and on the tongues of community elders and sages. But in the West it is easily lost, for there is little to remind us of that grand heritage. So thinking, Dr. Shan returned to Sri Lanka with the inspiration to produce a paper that would bring these spiritual exemplars to the forefront of the lives of Saivites living and raising their children in the West. And he has done admirably as all who have received their issue will testify.

    The first issue of "Sivaneri" was published on January, 5th, 1979 - thus beginning it on the auspicious occasion of Gurudev's Jayanthi. The first page in fact is a blessing written for the publication by Gurudev. Its eight pages contain articles on the Tirukkural, the Tirumantiram, the woman saint Auvviyar, Saint Thayumanavar and excerpts from the teachings of Yogaswami and Master Subramuniya. Dozens of Church members have already subscribed and should have received their issue by now. For many years we in the West have wished for such a bridge as "Sivaneri" and now to have it come from one of Yogaswami's men is for us a great honor. In a recent letter from Sri Lanka, Dr. Sanmugasundaran spoke of the future of the journal, "Before concluding, just one word about Sivaneri. This is only the beginning. As time goes, the paper will improve considerably and carry lots of useful material. It has been started with the best of motives and intentions and with the wonderful blessings of Master. It ought to do well. I ought to serve its purpose well and truly. May God and Guru assist us!"

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