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  • February 1980
  • Twenty Hindus Receive Namakarana Samskaras
  • Twenty Hindus Receive Namakarana Samskaras

    Twenty Hindus Receive Namakarana Samskaras

    Traditional Name-Giving Sacraments Are First Held in the Completed Kadavul Hindu Temple

    In eight separate ceremonies during the week of the Jayanthi festivities at Sivashram, 20 individuals received their Namakarana Samskaras the Hindu name-giving sacrament, in the Kadavul Hindu Temple. This traditional Hindu sacrament accepts an individual into the Hindu religion formally and irrevocably. Much effort and years of study and preparation preceded each of these blessing ceremonies, and were a high point in the lives of each and every one thus formally entered into the world's most ancient religion - Saivite Hinduism. These preparations included several years of regular lessons and study of Saivite Hinduism at Himalayan Academy, graduation and postgraduate study to prepare for the Namakarana, and, in a few cases, severance from their previous religion.

    Those receiving their Namakaranas were:

    Jai, Ganga, Meena and Shanmuga Murugan, formerly Alan, Lorna, Melina and Shanmuga Arthur of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    Ravi Peruman, formerly Mathew Methner of Kailua, Hawaii.

    Ravi Nadesan, formerly Bruce Petersen of Seattle, Washington.

    Dr. Devananda Tandavan, formerly Dr. Donald Wharton of Chicago, Illinois.

    Daya, Devasena. Ananda and Lila Sivadas, formerly Glen. Lucienne, Brian and Blondel Goodwin of Coupeville, Washington.

    Satya, Vasuki and Alahan Sivam, formerly Ed, Janis and Alahan Howe of San Francisco, California.

    Surya, Parvati, Saraswati and Varuna Sabaratnam, formerly Robert, Priscilla, Lori and Brock Goode, of Honaunau, Hawaii.

    Shama Kumaran, formerly Rita Holmes of Santa Monica, California.

    There have been many Namakaranas held in the Kadavul Hindu Temple in the past, but these were the first to be held in the newly finished structure. It was an unforgettable experience for all who participated, especially for the twenty who voiced their vows of eternal faith to the principles of the Eternal Truth - Sanatana Dharma, Saivite Hinduism.

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