Quotes & Quips

Quotes & Quips

"There is enough in this world for everyone's need, but there is not enough in this world for everyone's greed."

Mahatma Gandhi (1869?1948)

The arrow is straight but cruel; the lute is crooked but sweet. Therefore, judge men by their acts, not their appearance. Tirukural, Verse 279

If you don't believe in reincarnation, don't worry. You probably will in your next
lifetime. Swami Beyondananda

The Chinese may have Tai Chi, but tasteful Indians have Chai Tea!

There are voices which we hear in solitude, but they grow faint and inaudible as we enter into the world. American poet, lecturer and Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) who, disillusioned by Christianity, taught that God could best be found by looking inward to one's own soul.

One has to discover the voidness of the seeming full before one can know the
fullness of the seeming void. Ram Swarup, in an essay comparing Hinduism with Buddhism.

Student activist U Aung Ko: "We will need to make an offering." American visitor Laura: "What kind of offering?" U Aung Ko: "That would depend on how much good karma you want for your next life." Laura: "Hmm, I can't plan that far ahead." U Aung Ko: "Then some fresh fruit from the market will do!" from the Hollywood movie "Beyond Rangoon," as U Aung Ko and Laura prepare to enter a Myanmar (Burmese) temple.

More enlightening than a course on enlightenment. Sri Sri Sri Vishvaguru Maha-Maharaji speaking of how he, the world, teaches Dharma to people who follow his path. (See "Publisher's Desk")

Seek truth in meditation, not in moldy books. Look to the sky to find the moon, not in the pond. Persian proverb

Serious Studiousness
The world's first university was established at Takshashilla, well known as Taxila (in India's northwest region), in approximately 700 bce. Another large university was founded at Nalanda in Bihar circa 500 ce. According to Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang, the Taxila campus housed 10,000 students and 2,000 professors. Students from as far away as China came to obtain a religion-based education.

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