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Chandrasekarendra Poster
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Sri Chandrasekarendra Sarasvati. Paramacharya or the Kamakoti Pitha of the Smarta Sampradaya, is revered around the world for his life of spiritual illumination and sagacity. Born May 20,1895, he became a Sankaracharya and sannyasin when he was thirteen. This art work by Saroja Nagarathnam of Madras. South India, commemorates and celebrates his life, his example to all humanity and his affirmation of the profound ways of Sanatana Dharma.Here the Jagadguru is seated like Dakshinamurti beneath the spreading banyan tree beside the holy river, his offering of divine consciousness to mankind symbolized by the flowers in his right hand, holding a danda, the emblem of his order and noble Sankaran heritage, in his left hand. This is not an ordinary painting, but a rare and sacred one. it is entirely composed of tens of thousands of tiny mantras- Jayajaya Sankara Harahara Sankara- penned in the Tamil language with a quill and colored inks. It is a calligraphic masterpiece and a work of extraordinary devotion. The original may be seen at the Kamakoti Peedam in Tamil Nadu, South India. Every single line and shade, every nuance and leaf, was created by patiently scribing these sacred syllables, so minuscule they are barely visible to the un aided eye even in the original which is three feet high. The item above is available as a printed, full-color, graphic-rich poster which can be purchased singly or in quantities here.