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Category : November/December 2001

Digital Dharma


RK Web

Sri Ramakrishna passed on his teachings to 16 monastic disciples before his Mahasamadhi in 1886, including the lion-hearted Swami Vivekananda. They continued to propagate the truth of Oneness, the universality of being, the harmony of religions and the glory of the Atman by establishing the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission. For over 100 years, the RK Mission has served humanity and God through its extensive publications. Now, a new generation of monks thoroughly educated in computers brings the teachings into cyberspace atwww.sriramakrishnamath.org. Another boon enjoyed by all the monks, young and old: rapid e-mail has largely replaced convential letters between international centers.


Rennetless Cheese

Not everyone realizes that many cheeses are made with animal rennet (a substance made from the inner lining of a baby calf's stomach). In order to be complete vegetarians we should avoid these cheeses and eat ones with vegetable rennet. Unfortunately, it is usually impossible to tell from the label. Fortunately, there iswww.vrg.org/nutshell/cheesebybrand.htm, published by the Vegetarian Resource Group. It is an extensive list of veggie-safe cheeses sorted by brand or type of cheese.


Cyber Vijayanagar

The archeos team, headed by David Gimbel is digitally reconstructing the entire ancient city of Vijayanagar, South India's "City of Victory." Using Apple PowerBook computers, digital cameras and myriad other computerized devices and software programs, they are revealing unknown social and urban aspects of the city on realistic 3D maps (www.apple.com/hotnews/articles/2001/05/archaeos). Gimble's revolutionary system is moving archeology from slow, conventional methods into the era of high-tech science technology. Their website,www.archaeos.org, has in-depth studies on the reconstruction of many ancient cities in Asia and the Middle East. It offers a refreshing new approach to archeologyespecially for young people.


Draped Clothing

As we move forward in technology we need to preserve the ancient traditions that are so quickly becoming forgotten. Sadly, such is the state of much of the unique draped clothing. In an effort to revive these traditions, Chantal Boulanger, foremost authority on saris, has devoted the last six years writing books, giving workshops and teaching others how to drape these elegant garments, The sitewww.shakti. clara.net/sarishows examples of the various families of saris anddhotisalong with explanations and resources for workshops and books. Also check out the Institute of Draped Clothes (www.idcw.org.uk) and click on the Web Library link.