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Digital Dharma
Category : June 1998

Digital Dharma

The Force is Within You
The ancient art of ayurveda merges with technology in "The Wisdom Within," an interactive CD-ROM for mind, body and spirit. Best selling author and New Age guru Deepak Chopra guides you to determine your own mind-body type (doshas), create a specific dosha balancing program and gather tips on health, nutrition, exercise, aromatherapy, meditation and more. Note your thoughts in the CD's "Sacred Space" personal journal or find out from Chopra how the "Field of Infinite Possibilities" transcends our everyday reality. US$40. Mac/Windows. Write: Random House, 201 East 50th Street, New York, NY 10022 USA. Web: www.randomhouse.com

Join the Safari
Attention savvy marketers: Want to increase visibility of the website you created to promote your store or home business? Let the folks at Isafari Mall (www.isafarimall.com) help you. They provide thousands of links to the websites of well-known (plus specialized) stores, services and products. Links are categorized, ranging from food to florists to furniture. So whether you're into Indian jewelry, clothing or Hindu artifacts, apply online to be included in their links--for free! And, if you're just a shopper exhausted from exploring the Web to find a store, forget the search engines, find it at Isafari Mall.

Sanskrit Decoded
It's awe-inspiring to view ancient ola leaves inscribed with scripture, but wouldn't it be neat to be able to actually read the script? You can learn to read, write and speak Sanskrit right at your computer. The Chennai, India, Sanskrit Education Society's website (http://sdlcfsn.cs.iitm.ernet.in/tutor.html) offers on-line lessons, plus access to free computer fonts for studying off-line. Once you've mastered the Devanagari script, check out the huge Sanskrit Documents website (ftp://jaguar.cs.utah.edu/private/sanskrit/index.html) where you'll find vast selections from the Vedas, Upanishads and many more scriptural texts, all in their original script. More tools on this site include an on-line dictionary and free software for creating snappy Sanskrit documents on your computer.

World Wide Wed
Parents are marry- ing their kids globally, thanks to the Internet. Online matchmaking services are booming. Indolink (www.indolink.com) is one of the most popular in the US for Indians seeking spouses, with 600?1,000 matrimonial ads posted at any one time. Indolink even offers traditional wedding cards and astrological compatibility services. Suitable Match (www.suitablematch.
com) lets you search for individuals with similar ethnic backgrounds. Auntie-ji's Matchmaking Service (www.Auntie-ji.com) is also popular, and Vivah Sambandhi (www.vivahsambandhi.
com) describes the basics of Indian weddings.

To Rudra, Lord of sacrifice, of hymns and balmy medicines,
we pray for joy and health and strength.
He shines in splendpr like the sun,
refulgent as bright gold is He,
the good, the best among the Gods.

Rig Veda samhita 43.4?5