Hinduism has never opposed the idea of disbelief, but its profound understandings of God make atheism more difficult
While mindfulness has been redefined for popular secular purposes, its original spiritual intention remains unchanged
As an emanation of God, each soul has the eternal truths of Hinduism encoded within itself, available through meditation
Reflecting on how bad things can happen to good people, and offering insights on dealing positively with life’s difficulties
How to separate your awareness from what you are aware of and enjoy a part of your mind that is always peaceful & all-pervasive
Techniques that can bring shanti into your life
Self-knowledge includes comprehending the...
Almost everyone these days is challenged by the growing intensity of life.
The challenge for the SBNR is to make significant spiritual progress without traditional guidelines.
A guide to the complexities of Deity images in Hindu temples and the nature of our temple consecration rites
It is perhaps a great cosmic irony that to attain our...
Words can hurt others, so it’s always good to avoid...
A simple practice which internalizes consciousness...
Understanding and applying to your daily life five dimensions of Hinduism’s complex principle of virtue, duty, ambition and livelihood
What could success in the fine arts possibly have to do with progress in our religious life?
Conflict and violence have their roots in hatred learned during youth. By teaching children tolerance, we create a more peaceful future.
How sincerely approaching Him as a real being can deepen your relationship with the Lord of Obstacles 
Though moksha may seem remote, there is wisdom in keeping this ultimate goal in mind as we live our day-to-day life
With the modern distraction of digital media, we must be more mindful than ever of person-to-person communications
Hindu views of God can seem complex and confounding on first encounter. Here we explore the most important and popular.
Dharma, seva, puja and raja yoga lead to purification of the mind, which is the essence of all spiritual endeavors
Exploring how following Hindu principles develops the refined character needed to move from anger and fear to lofty states of mind
Belief in the law of karma and accepting the divinity of all beings are the twin pillars of ahimsa; compassionate nonhurtfulness
A critical examination of secular humanism and Hindu humanism for youth immersed in the academic atheism of college
An abbreviated daily regimen designed for those who find that today’s busy life allows little or no time for introspection
By consciously connecting the home shrine to the temple, the family sustains tradition and strengthens relationships
Love is the basis of worship in all Hindu denominations, expressed through bhakti yoga toward one’s chosen Deity
Our publisher confronts a long-standing misapprehension about our faith, showing us why Hinduism is more than a way of life
Applying the wisdom of ashrama dharma lends dignity and increasing purpose to every decade of life, but requires some new thinking
While some faiths view man as sinful by nature, Hinduism holds that our inmost self is the divine and taintless soul, or atma
Exploring four popular approaches to four spiritual regimens: karma yoga, bhakti yoga, raja yoga and jnana yoga
Progressing from our instinctive to intellectual to spiritual nature, our soul unfolds to resplendence like a beautiful lotus
If we start at the beginning and work systematically, we can replace undesirable qualities with their opposites
Establish a formal shrine room as the family's place of communion with the Divine through worship and meditation
Uplift the spirit of everyone you meet by expressing kindness, gratitude, appreciation and encouragement
For best results in passing on your faith, present concepts as life-enhancing tools rather than life-restricting rules
Five core disciplines for bringing our inner perfection into our intellectual, emotional and instinctive nature
The company we keep affects our attitudes, speech and actions as profoundly as the foods we eat
A peaceful and effective life is waiting for those who undertake the not-so-easy work required to live in the eternal now
While openly available, yoga is rooted in Hindu scripture, teaches Hindu practices and leads to oneness with God. Practice with caution
Consistently contributing to your religion has the power to draw spiritual fulfillment and material wealth into your life
We progress from blind faith to conviction bolstered by philosophy, and finally to certainty forged in the fires of personal experience
The community temple, the home shrine and the sanctuary inside you are readily available to stabilize and uplift your daily life
Our publisher offers a basic summary that you can proudly present to gatherings in your community
We celebrate Hinduism Today's productive past, introduce a few design changes and explore our impact and digital innovations
Television, like real life, can help us work through our karma, if we approach it in the right way
Rivalries abound in the world, even among Hindus, who occasionally vie for the supremacy of their Deity: Vishnu or Siva
Meditative, philosophic, scientific and supramundane are dynamic perspectives we can employ every day
Three attitudes to help us cope with our planet's conflict-ridden condition and one strategic, long-term way to change it
By resolving negative happenings promptly, we free ourselves to flow with life's rhythms and accept all things as they are
When problems arise, rather than restructuring your buildings, look to your business and family planning
Does humanity's most enduring faith maintain its relevance amid the challenges of 21st-century life?
This magazine previews our new book, which offers an inclusive, user-friendly presentation of Sanatana Dharma
How a devotee received two potent teachings from Yogaswami of Sri Lanka: "We know nothing " and "Know thy Self "
People the world over are working for spiritual advancement. But just what is the soul and how does it progress and mature?
Life is demanding and you have no time for spiritual pursuits? Everyday happenings offer abundant opportunities to evolve.
A three-fold answer to the basic questions: "Who is a Hindu?" and "What is Hinduism?"
How temples can publicize their philosophy and lineage to counteract the misconception that Hinduism is polytheistic
The challenges of mixed-religion marriages and how couples, families and community can best respond
A Practical and Spiritual Response to the Devastating Asian Tsunami of 2004
Hinduism favors and furthers the pursuit of wealth, pleasure and happiness - all guided by dharma
Career and family should not be viewed as separate from religious life. They are integral to fulfilling your dharma.
Some pertinent suggestions to sincere seekers on where and how to look for Divinity
Cultivate a prejudice-free consciousness that readily embraces differences in race, religion and nationality
Children benefit immensely when parents, their first gurus, teach thoughtfully with specific goals in mind
Honoring Gurudeva's numberless achievements and reflecting on his perceptions of the three pillars
Yuletide is not a Hindu holiday, but we have our own December gift-giving festival called Pancha Ganapati
Living by the ancient guidance of the yamas and niyamas can help us brave life's challenges
Many have stopped beating their children, but few realize that abusive language can hurt even more
Performing religious practices at the same time each day is the key to steady unfoldment on the spiritual path
It takes much meditation to discover God in all things and all beings, but that is the key to real happiness
Using foul, denigrating language is a mindless habit for many, and few realize it's profoundly negative effects
Prepared for the UN Millennium Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, August 28-29, 2000
The light within the heart is always there, no matter what you do, no matter where you go in consciousness
The practicing Hindu offers his every thought, word and deed in a sublime consciousness of the Divine
So, you're on the spiritual path! Getting there was apparently so simple. Staying there is something else
Modern times call for a contemporary faith, one full of freedom, tolerance and entirely lacking in bigotry
In the wake of the Pope's visit to India, Hindu's have many reasons to unite in proud defense of their faith
How to quell the mind's clack and clatter and enjoy the natural divine peace of your soul
The transformation of genuinely seeking God within oneself begins to occur as the inner light grows bright
It takes the nurturing effort of a loving family, with mother's presence, to turn a house into a home
Our conscious, waking state, carried on by its own novelty, can keep us externalized life after life after life
In this season sacred to Ganesha, we recall how this endearing God drank all the milk in London and Delhi
Presenting a gem from 2,200 years ago: Saint Tiruvalluvar's Tirukural in American English
As the bud unfolds into the flower, so the soul unfolds through experience into the clear white light within
The intimacy that binds man and wife, if abused, can tear families apart. Tantric penances can heal the hurt
Knowing your true identity and how the mind works promotes progress on the path to enlightenment
The ultimate reason we are here on Earth is to realize the timeless, formless, spaceless Self God within
We have a 24-hour continuity of consciousness, from the so-called waking state into the ethereal realm of dreams
This month we honor the men journalists behind the stories in Hinduism Today
Learn how the repetition of positive statements changes your future by reprogramming your subconscious mind
The mystic nucleus of Kauai's Hindu Temple was unveiled forty years ago in an inspired talk called "The Self God"
Abiding in the moment is the height of security, but to maintain it takes practice and a clear subconscious
In Bali, as elsewhere in the Hindu world, the Deities are a potent presence, impacting every part of life
A wise guru will require good character and a kindly nature before teaching any form of advanced yoga
The spiritual energy shared in the simple act of seeing and being seen has the power to transform lives
Corporal punishment defeats its own purpose, causing harm that is difficult to forgive... but forgive we must
Selling sex on the Internet is big, big business. Logging on is neither good nor bad, but an obstacle in many ways.
Everyone’s emotional memories are registered in their inner aura as various shades and hues of color
The briber and the bribed are equally guilty and bound together in the bad karma of their secret crimes
Introducing Sri Sri Sri Vishvaguru Maha-Maharajji,the great world teacher of hard knocks
Sages say it's wiser to not retaliate for injuries received and to let human and divine law do their own work
Intuitive and compassionate, ladies are among the finest visionaries... and best journalists
Yuletide is not a Hindu holiday, but we have our own December gift-giving festival called Pancha Ganapati
Hindu Dharma implores us to let go of grudges, resentment and especially self-contempt
Hindu Dharma values family togetherness as a central virtue. By growing together, we avoid drifting apart.
We are divine souls on a wondrous journey toward realization of the timeless, formless, spaceless Self.
It's not necessary to recall past lives, but it is reassuring to know you lived before and that death is not the end
You've heard you are not your mind, body or emotions. Here's a way to experience that reality every day.
Some people compain because God put thorns on roses. Others praise Him for putting roses among thorns
Bad money can never do good deeds. Nor can good money used wrongly reap right results
Counteracting a rueful and supposedly traditional principle that values physical punishment for raising children
On the path to enlightenment, every part of one's nature has to be faced and reconciled
Corporal punishment is not discipline, nor is it an effective means of guiding young ones' behavior
A true family is a clan of individuals who love each other, which means they are bound together by positive pranic magnetism.
"To utter harsh words when sweet ones would serve is like eating unripe fruit when ripe ones are at hand." - Tirukkural
Learning from computers is taking youth in the opposite direction from sampradaya, the imparting of wisdom, person to person, heart to heart, mind to mind, teacher to student, guru to shishya.
The more we submit to our karmas and bear them happily, the wiser we become.
Education, they know, will play a key role, but only if educators focus first on human values which make humans better people, and secondly on technical know-how.
To be successful in meditation, we have to bring the mind into a disciplined state. Undisciplined people can never be told what to do, because they will not listen.
Meditate on awareness as an individual entity flowing through all areas of the mind, as the free citizen of the world travels through each country, each city, not attaching himself anywhere.
No one we know predicted beforehand the worldwide phenomenon--a once-in-a-lifetime real life miracle--of Lord Ganesha's milk-drinking
Presenting violence as a good thing, even a somehow holy thing, definitely causes problems in today's society, where hurtfulness is seen as a simple and legitimate solution to our many problems.
Sri Sri Sri Pramukh Swami Maharaj has inspired millions as the fifth in the line of successorship of the Swaminaranayan Fellowship.
We have to straighten ourselves out in the exterior world first before meditation and inner life can really be successful.
Whenever karmas peak, when troubles come to you unbidden, send them away troubled with the affirmation, "Stress is my friend. Stress is good. Stress is making me strong."
My satguru said, "Live in your body as loosely as your wear your sandals."
No, that's not a typographical error or a foreign language. It's Hinduism Today's new World Wide Web address.
In today's ashramic world, guests are not always pilgrims on yatra ready for the hardships of living the simple life. Many are tourists and sightseers.
Freedom to chose one's religion as well as freedom to leave it if one wishes is a fundamental human right, and it is a human wrong to deny or even limit it.
From a mystical point of view, what happens to us is important, but not as important as how we react and respond to things, good or otherwise, that happen to us.
That question was heard in so many Hindu homes we visited that some years ago in cooperation with scholars and elders an alternative for Christmas was conceived.
Hindu temple priest bashing is a worldwide tragedy, and those who perpetrate these acts are also bashing the Sanatana Dharma.
Detractors also endeavor to control and then stifle the religious leaders by setting schedules as to whom they should or should not meet, what they should say and not say.
Hiding behind the cross became a way of life in metaphysical America and Europe as those on the "swami circuit," as their lecture itinerary was known, came one after another.
A man who strikes his wife in an effort to make her cower, to control her, actually karmically does the opposite. His brutality turns on him, becomes his disadvantage
The doors of Hindu Heritage Endowment opened to help advance the Sanatana Dharma as a financial public service to the Hindu community
Everyone needs a spiritual guide, a mentor, in their life, be it a swami, a jyotisha shastri, a traveling sadhu, a seated yogi or a rare satguru.
Our little friendly Hindu Family Newspaper welcomes this month a wonderful new Malay-speaking readership.
Only in the faiths of India does one encounter the tenet that we all experience a multitude of families in our journey toward God.
In the past few months Hinduism Today has reported on the beautiful lives and the blessed departures of more than the usual number of spiritual leaders.
Karma was understood in its fullest from the very beginning, by the first rishis and sages.
Happy birthday to you both-Hinduism Today's India Edition and Dr. S. R. Kulkarni.
Hinduism in Africa is unique in that African Hindus are among the most wealthy and high-energy, highly educated and effective supporters of dharma anywhere in the world.
Even the rishis said that when true love is there, any kind of astrology is good and the marriage will be lasting.
Don't be afraid to be a Hindu, which means dressing like a Hindu. Boldly proclaim your faith to the world. Others do.
Swami Nisreyasananda, the senior-most monk of the Ramakrishna Order and spiritual head of the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of Zimbabwe, Africa, entered mahasamadhi this week.
Beginning with this issue, we intend to put a copy of the Hindu Family Newspaper into the hands of over 500 parliamentarians of India's Lok Sabha.
On this page the editor explores our greeting, namaste, and asks what it really means.
"How could we have treated our swami that way?" "As much as we hate to say it, he was right."
We are not a political paper, and will never be!
We are seeking any knowledge on how this affects the child, that is, what differences occur in a child's life if it is born to a 15-year-old mother or a 30-year-old mother.
This ideal of making decisions for children and refraining from giving them choices changes when they are educated and about to leave the home.
For those who identify themselves as their physical bodies, the slow process of aging can become scary.
The new age movement, which is gaining momentum, relies most heavily on Hinduism and Buddhism as its basis of theology.
Heal your differences before sleep, even if it takes all night. Don't go to sleep holding on to anger, fear, confusion or ill feelings.
Allowing your children to leave the home and make a stranger wealthy because of their service to him in a profession gives our youth only a 50 percent chance of being successful
It's not easy experiencing the separation and divorce of one's mom and dad, at any age, sixteen or thirty-two.
The Hindu Rennaisance Award will be given at the end of each year to the Hindu woman or man who manifests the strongest impact on all Hindus worldwide,
Parents love their children, or at least they should, and the principles of non-violence and not-hurtfulness - physically, mentally, emotionally - do apply in the parent-child relationship.
Swami Sivananda Navaler mobilized a band of swamis and teachers to do door-to-door visitation and spread the knowledge of Saivism
I would like to see a condominium with all members of the extended family having their own apartment.
One of his greatest achievements was to strengthen Hinduism, especially Saivism in South Africa.
Our editorial staff lives according to the ancient principles of ayurveda, Vedic astrology, agamic nitya puja and Natha sadhanas
Karma Kat is our own comic strip, which you will enjoy each month and it will entertain and enlighten us about the Hindu experience.
If any of our readers in other communities want to participate with us in getting "Hinduism Today On the Air" on the air in your community, please write to me.
Solutions to our shared plight lie not in a more advanced technology (though this must be one component), but in a renewed spirituality.
Humanity is learning the ability to ignore this planet's beauty and all it has to offer us; to ignore that we are part of this ecology, not a separate entity as part, as the Christian/Judaic religions would have us believe
Welcome to the roaring 90's, everyone. Make it the best 10 years ever.
Ayodhya will happen again, and perhaps it won't, but it is up to all Hindu to inwardly and outwardly protest what they feel is not in line with dharma.
Pancha Ganapati is from December 21st through the 25th, five days of family togetherness and gift-giving.
When we want to eat vegetarian, we often buy a pizza. No one tells us that the cheese is made of a beef rennet.
Teach the young adults to look ahead mentally into the future before making a decision and to base their decisions for life on the value judgments of Sanatana Dharma.
There are over 700,000 Hindus in the Indian Ocean, all needing an informed journal to bring the wisdom and global context of our faith to their homes and hearts
HINDUISM TODAY, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary, enjoys a great respect as the only truly global paper to report on Hindu leaders, events, institutions, ideas and culture.
The meeting should, of course, begin with an arati to Lord Ganesha and a few minutes of bhajan, to get things off to a good start.
Living a double standard as some Hindus do these days could create a divided family of children being from one of two countries, some from India and others from Europe or America in past lives.
Animal sacrifice, sati and brahminism are three which inspire great controversy
To find out what women in the Western world are interested in these days, we took a trip to the local bookstore and found an amazing array of women's magazines.
Mothers, we especially want to hear from you. We are firm believers in the old adage: "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."
Understanding comes from insight, penetrating into and comprehending our own mind as well as the minds of others.
The temples may be open to those of all religions but the hearts of the people within them certainly are not.
That is why you are calling, because you have seen my picture with the two editors in the last issue and we do not look like a CIA agents
You are our valued reader. This newspaper is for you. To help get this think tank rolling, we want your cooperation.
To solve the problem, aggressive religious organizations are giving supplementary education to the members of their congregations.
Now with the 80's on the wane, Saiva Siddhanta, the path of worship and communication with inner worlds, is rounding out this understanding.
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