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Chapter 40: Honoring The Arts of Homemaking
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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File Size: 1.05 MB
An Artist’s Portrayal of the hindu Wife’s traditional Domestic Duties (more)

Chapter 41: Hail Hindu Heroes!
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
Downloads 5295
File Size: 683.59 KB
Celebrating Some of India’s Champions of Virtue, Strength and Spirituality (more)

Chapter 42: Hindu's Code of Conduct
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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File Size: 976.56 KB
Twenty Keys for Spiritual Living in Contemporary Times

How often do you see a professional team of people misbehave on the job? You (more)

Chapter 43: T he Meat-Free Life
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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File Size: 1.98 MB
Five Reasons to Be a Vegetarian & Ten Arguments Against Eating Meat

There are more than a few hindus today who guiltily abandoned the vegetarian ways of their own parents and grandparents ... (more)

Chapter 44: Medical Ethics
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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File Size: 781.25 KB
Hindu Insights on 25 Sensitive Areas Frequently Encountered by Physicians

Hindu medicine, known as ayurveda, the (more)

Chapter 45: Ahimsa: To Do No Harm
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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File Size: 634.77 KB
Exploring the Cardinal Virtue of Noninjury in Thought, Word & Deed

Hindu wisdom, which inspires humans to live the ideals of compassion and nonviolence, is captured in one word, ahimsa. In ... (more)

Chapter 46: Lighten up!
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
Downloads 5653
File Size: 2.86 MB
Spices in the Melting Pot, Frank & Ernest, Karma Kat, Calvin & Hobbes and more (more)

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