Experiencing Theyyam Dance

Posted by Anonymous Date 2019/9/16 12:36:54


KAUAI, HAWAII, September 8, 2019 (Hinduism Today by Naina Lepes): Kerala is home to an ancient dance form featuring deliriously elaborate costume design and choreography--all offered to God as a form of worship. A Theyyam performance exudes the primordial sense of eternity ongoing. This dance-drama form of art and worship, loosely stylized in open nature, supports the open heart. The newly emerging historical stories brought from far and wide seem to merge and thrive with the telling and listening. The performer is acknowledged as man-God combined, and the audience serves as natural participant, interacting as an intrinsic part of the whole through time and space.

Read the full article in the July issue of Hinduism Today at "source" above.

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