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Iran Government and Canada's Jews Condemn Taliban's Dress Code

on 2001/5/31 9:48:02 ( 1314 reads )


DUBAI, May 29, 2001: Iran has condemned the "discriminatory decision adopted by the Taliban" regarding Hindus in Afghanistan where Taliban militia recently issued an edict making it compulsory for all Hindus to wear a piece of yellow cloth as an identity label. Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Hamidreza Assefi said that such moves are clear cases of religious discrimination against ethnic minorities, which is condemned in Islam. "An action of this kind goes against the progressive ideas of our religion and mars the image of Muslims around the globe," Assefi was quoted as saying. A similar condemnation was issued today by the Canadian Jewish Congress, which states in part, "We urge the Canadian government to convey to the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan the horror of all Canadians at such clear discrimination against a religious minority and to call for this odious measure to be rescinded immediately." The Congress email is

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