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Grand Opening of South Dakota's First Hindu Temple

on 2018/10/28 11:22:37 ( 1219 reads )


TEA, SOUTH DAKOTA, October 15, 2018 (KSFY) - It's the first of its kind here in South Dakota. Oct. 14th was the grand opening of the Hindu Temple of Siouxland. After almost ten years, people who practice the Hindu faith were finally able to enter their newly finished Temple. The celebration was open to the public. Temple members say everyone is always welcome to the Temple regardless of your religion. "We have been dreaming about this temple for the last nine years, and today our dream has come true," Ramesh Singh, Hindu Temple of Siouxland president, said. "So, we all are very excited."

More than 100 people gathered at the Hindu Temple of Siouxland for the opening. Traveling for miles to practice their faith. But, the temple is not just for people who already practice the Hindu faith. "Our Temple is a Hindu Temple it's open to everybody," Singh said. "Anybody in the community they can come, they can just watch, they can worship." With gaining interest in the religion in South Dakota, many practicing the faith have seen it grow the past few years substantially. "Our community is growing, a lot of people there," Singh said. "And it's not only for those who have parents, but our second generation, our third generation. We wanted to teach our kids our future generations, what is Hinduism."

Short video at "source."

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