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The King of Bhutan Celebrates with Hindus

on 2011/10/17 19:52:35 ( 5594 reads )


[HPI editorial note: The Hindus of Bhutan suffered cruel and widespread persecution under the King's still-living father. Exiled, they lived in sub-human conditions for decades, surviving in refugee camps until the USA, Australia and Europe welcomed them as expatriates. Their only crime was to be Hindus. Until the Bhutanese government makes amends, gestures such as the one reported in this article represent not friendship, but hypocrisy. See the story of Bhutanese Hindu's plight here ]

BHUTAN, October 7, 2011 (Kuensel Online): His Majesty the King attended the Dasumi tikka ceremony at the Sivalaya Mandir yesterday, where a Hindu pundit offered a tikka. Celebrating for the first time the Dashain festival with the Hindu community in the southern district of Samtse, His Majesty exchanged tikka with members of Sivalaya committee.

The King said it was an auspicious occasion to offer prayers to overcome obstacles and misfortune, and bring peace and prosperity in the country. His Majesty also hosted a tokha for the people, who came in the thousands to celebrate Dashain with His Majesty.

The ceremony started on the first day of the new moon (September 28) and concluded on the 9th day, also known as Navami, which symbolises the end of war against evils. On Dasumi or the 10th day, Tikka is offered as victory of good over evil, Sivalaya committee's member secretary, PB Pradhan, explained.

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