Magical Andhra

Andhra pradesh is a land bejewelled with ancient temples. Though it is a religious "melting pot," its sacred Hindu temples far outnumber other religious edifices. Here are Tirupati, Sri Sailam and scores more sacred sites, beaches, wildlife, cuisine, arts, crafts and festivals. Andhra Tourisms' www.aptourism.com/home.html [http://www.aptourism.com/home.html] presents all this and more. It is a window into one of India's most beautiful religious and cultural realms—a gateway for pilgrimage to a world of holy adventures.


A Well of Resources

Just as the cloth of a beautiful sari unfolds with ultimate grace, so does the site, a Tribute to Hinduism, www.atributetohinduism.com [http://www.atributetohinduism.com], open to reveal page after page of inspiring, positive information about the world's oldest religion. Each category has been carefully researched and substantiated with thoughts of renowned scholars of Hinduism. For those wishing to pursue the study, books are recommended for further reading and useful links on the Web are provided. Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Bharat Mata, and to the countless rishis who lived for Sanatana Dharma, the site educates, enlightens and creates an awareness of the traditions of the Hindu faith. It explains and successfully removes many common misconceptions and misinterpretation surrounding rituals and worship, dispelling confusion and instilling a sense of Hindu pride.


Go to the Source

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