A prolific author, Swami Sivananda Saraswati, founder of the Divine Life Society, wrote hundreds of books carrying the message: "Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realize. Be good, do good. Rise up and discover your own divine nature. Strive ceaselessly. Never despair. God and guru are with you always." The dissemination of these spiritual teachings was his mission, a priority within his organization. Taking advantage of the Internet to further these goals, the Divine Life Society (http://www.divinelifesociety.org [http://www.divinelifesociety.org]) has posted the teachings, sadhana and dozens of books by Swami Sivananda and his successors. This is a "two-thumbs up " site with a wealth of teachings from the Sanatana Dharma.



Transforming misrepresentations and stereotypes about Indian history and culture is a big challenge. India in Classrooms, (http://www.indiainclassrooms.org [http://www.indiainclassrooms.org]), the brainchild of Mona Vijaykar, an energetic Indo-American mother, is a progressive strategy to insert accurate knowledge into schools through classroom instruction content and multicultural activities. She is working to spark a grassroots teacher support network designed to dispel myths and misunderstandings, thus improving the way Indians and Hindus are perceived in America. Check out her extensive site and teaching aids, get involved, join hands with Mona, for the sake of Hindu children.



What could be more delightful than a successful family-owned Internet business that makes beautiful, collectible, handcrafted dolls? Dolls of India (http://www.DollsOfIndia.com [http://www.DollsOfIndia.com]) is full of exquisitely crafted dolls, representative of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, classical Indian dancers, and extraordinary members of Indian society. Most of the dolls are made to order by Madhuri Guin, a recognized doll artiste for over 30 years. The site is enhanced with jewelry items, Hindu apparel, tribal arts and a small but excellent library of articles on topics related to Indian culture and arts.



Do you long for shows with more meaning than mass market movies? http://www.SpiritualCinemaCircle.com/ [http://www.SpiritualCinemaCircle.com/ ]comes to the rescue. For a low subscription fee, you receive two DVDs monthly with spiritual films that are yours to keep and share. The short films and feature movies may not be for everyone. They range from uplifting family entertainment to art-house and New Age fare. But with mystical plots, references to reincarnation and happy endings, they can be a step up from mainstream movies and many mindless, sometimes gory, weekly series.