Little Dheepa Maturi attended schools in a small town, USA, where there were few Hindus. And even though her parents had prepared her well, it was quite a challenge. “It wasn’t so much a conflict of faiths or cultures, and the people were nice enough, ” Dheepa explains. “What was tough was to be alone in a sea of misunderstandings, misinformation and ignorance about Hindus and Hinduism. Every day I had to find endless strength from within myself to not be overwhelmed. I had to constantly reestablish my beliefs and convictions and keep promising myself never to let go.”

When Hinduism Today entered her life, it brought the support she was looking for. “The magazine gave me the vocabulary, clarity and deeper understanding I craved. But even more strengthening was that it said to me, ‘Yes, there is a worldwide Hinduism, and Hindus everywhere face their own trying times.’ I felt powerfully uplifted. I was no longer alone!”

Dheepa eventually became an attorney, and when her first son, Vikas, was born, she was struck with the thought that it was now her awesome responsibility to prepare this new human being to face his own destiny. She would need more clarity than ever to successfully pass on to him the accurate perspectives and precious wisdom he would need. Vikas is now 9 and has an 8-year-old brother, Jay. “Hinduism Today has continued to give us the tools to teach them, and they are responding better than we ever dreamed. We are grateful.”

Dheepa and her husband Raj have given $3,000 to the Hinduism Today Production Fund, which is a part of the Hindu Heritage Endowment. “We want Hinduism Today to always have abundant means to keep those treasures coming. We need the support. The world needs the support.” Please consider donating to the Hinduism Today Production Fund. Contact us and ask for the Hinduism Today Production Fund flyer.

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