Subramuniyaswami, H.H.Sivaya I have been pondering the remarkable influx of interest in the new international franchises of Hinduism. Today, which you may have read in our editorial last month. Well, it occurred to me that your newspaper could serve women readers in a more profound, more practical way. I have asked the staff to design a full-page layout dedicated to women's issues and interests. This is to be a graphically strong page that will bring enriching insights and knowledge into the home, that will address itself to our wives, our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, our aunties and our grandmothers. I hope you will help us make it a valuable contribution to readers worldwide. I fully expect it to be so interesting that no male reader will dare pass it up either, for fear his wife will learn something he should know.

As we plan this page, it becomes apparent that it will require input from many sources. There are many things that we don't know, and all the knowledge that Hindu women should know is one of them. So, you will have to help. Yes! We are calling upon our faithful readers again to share suggestions, ideas and information for our new "Hindu Women's World" section of Hinduism Today. For instance, there are literally hundreds of different ways to wear a sari. We didn't know that! There will be many more times in the future that we will be exclaiming, "We didn't know that, and that and that and that." This page wants to address tough issues such as working women's special burdens as well as little hints like how to find soaps for the family that are not made with animal fats. We have some wonderful and never-before-published insights into a man's mind – how it works and how it is very different from a woman's. Understanding the differences can make life a lot more pleasant. Our subjects will range from the mundane to the sublime, from the kitchen to the closet to the shrine room. So, ladies, it is all up to you to help us create the most wonderful women's page each month that will make all women proud to be living in the Hindu experience.

By the time that you are reading this, your publisher will be in Mauritius for Guru Purnima, appearing on television, radio and visiting temple and shrines through that beautiful island country. Did you know that Mauritius is just a little bit bigger than the island of Kauai, where our editorial offices are at the Kadavul Hindu Temple? Yes, when you are reading this, we will be there and are hoping that you will take a moment and write to Publisher's Desk about your ideas, thoughts and feelings, suggestions, inspirations for the Hindu Women's World. Our new page will debut in the September issue of Hinduism Today. We will be looking for your letter when we return to Hawaii around the middle of August. Sit right down now and drop a line. We know that you have much to say.

Mothers, we especially want to hear from you. We are firm believers in the old adage: "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." You are the ones who have always made the world go around, and your voice is important to be heard. How to raise the children in the western world? That is a good one, a subject more than a few of you will have some experience with, experience that could help other Hindu women deal with the challenges of contemporary times. How to manage the husband in our changing times! Another thought-provoking subject which our male readers will be on the lockout for! Family health and alternative remedies for healing and prevention of illness. What to do with make-up, how to dress for different occasions.

We have relied heavily this past year (since last July when we became a monthly) on you, our loyal readers, to help us with what you want to know. You have responded, and our staff has tried to package information in the way that you want to receive it. Thank you in advance. We'll be looking for your letters in our mailbox.