Subramuniyaswami, Sivaya H.H. Deepavali cards are coming into Publisher's Desk daily. Are they beautiful? Yes, they really are. Pictures of Gods and Goddesses and other holy scenes. A card is a uplifting gift and to receive one brightens the day. Deepavali and Ganesha Chathurti – which I call "Hindu solidarity day" – are festivals in which all gather together and appreciate the great Sanatana Dharma, the eternal Truths which are the heritage of all mankind. There was a time a little less than a decade ago when few if any at all Hindu greeting cards existed. In those days Publisher's Desk received many, many greeting cards from Hindus around the world, but alas they were Christmas cards. Never did receive a Moslem greeting card from a Hindu. The education received in attending Christian school does have an eroding effect. But, now that seems to have changed with the new Hindu pride in the air. We are all happy about this.

Long ago we challenged two fine Hindu gentlemen about sending out Christmas cards each year. In defense one said, "I send them to my Christian customers." When asked if he sent Hanaka cards to Jewish customers, a silence fell over the room. He said: "Gurudeva, you are correct. We should not be doing this; we should be sending out simple holiday greetings to those who are not of our faith and Hindu cards to our dharmic brothers and sisters." In picking up the many cards and looking at the holy faces of the Gods and Goddesses my heart melts and all we can say is "Thank you all very much, for thinking of us, for remembering."

It has been a long, long time since we asked our dear readers for help and advice as to how to improve our big/little paper. We have so many new readers now worldwide. If you are one of them, please let me welcome you into our HINDUISM TODAY family. We are happy that you are with us and that you have taken an interest in matters concerning Hinduism. Any suggestions or advice is welcomed. Please do not hesitate to write to: Publisher's Desk, Hinduism Today, Post Office Box 157, Hanamaulu, Hawaii, 96715, USA. Several years ago readers completely changed this little journal. When asked for advice they said, "Something for the women, please, and the youth, too." We know that everything in such a big religion is not always going to be good news. Seven-hundred and fifty million people are bound to just be human now and then. When news happens in your nation or community, write us about it. True, we have lots of professional writers and journalists, but news doesn't always happen in their front yard. It might happen in yours.

We like the trends we see these days and even to hear some well-earned criticism now and then. A very nice lady living in India said, "If it was not for HINDUISM TODAY keeping us all informed, many would be drifting away from the traditions." So, now we are asking again. Dear reader, take pen in hand and let us hear what you have on your mind so that we can go forward into the 1990's and improve. The staff of swamis and writers need to hear from our reading public, because it is for you they are working so hard. You, our readers, are the most important people in the lives of the HINDUISM TODAY staff. And we all want to wish you Happy Holidays.

Speaking of holidays, may I call your attention to page 14? It's about the modern Hindu festival called Pancha Ganapati. Some call it the "Hindu Xmas." The children love it. Pancha Ganapati is from December 21st through the 25th, five days of family togetherness and gift-giving. Read all about how to prepare for Pancha Ganapati, a home festival that brings the entire family together. Try it this year for your family, and you will always celebrate the glories of this great God during the Holiday Season year after year. Happy Panacha Ganapati, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year for the new decade of 1990. May it be the best year ever in your life.

Article copyright Himalayan Academy.