Vedic Astrology lifts the veil of illusions to reveal the underlying mental, emotional and psychological states propelling one’s actions. Consider the natal chart of Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, born July 1, 1961, 2:15 PM BST (GMT+1), Sandringham, England. It is replete with many indications of her rise to prominence, her rebellious tendencies, philanthropic interests, unhappy marriage and tenuous emotional/psychological health, as well as the possibility of an untimely death.

The chart shows a strong Saturnian influence (the planet of the common man), which allowed Diana to resonate with the masses as “one of them.” Her birth in Virgo rising made her youthful, vital and contemporary in style, with keen interests in health, beauty and aesthetics. The ruler of her rising sign, Mercury, in the 10th House, Gemini, created Bhadraka yoga, which made Mercury (indicator of communication) a determining planet for her. Mercury also with the royal planet Sun, of accomplishment, success and status, brought her excellence in the ability to communicate and connect with others. Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon in Capricorn, significantly placed in the 5th House, brought her philanthropic interests, as well as the opportunity to create institutions for humanitarian purposes. Capricorn planets give practical understanding of how to best protect oneself and how one’s interests can be served. This makes it clear that she was never unaware of how her interest in public service could also give her political advantage, as well as fulfill her need to be valued and appreciated. One of the ironies of her death was that despite the problems of an intrusive press, she required the media to feed an urgent and compelling desire for affection and approval. Jupiter in conjunction with the Moon gave her a love for children, and created Gaja Kesari yoga, which brought prominence, importance, recognition and visibility, as well as association with powerful and influential people. A powerful Moon situated in the house of Saturn created Sasha yoga, characterized as “Lord over the common people,” which gave a natural instinct for leadership and echoes the theme of her involvement with the everyday man.

Diana had a highly emotional temperament, caused by a Mars/Rahu conjunction in the 12th House of Leo, supported by Virgo rising in the constellation of Mars. The Moon, being the planet of emotions, also in the constellation of Mars in the 5th House, resulted in the emotional nature assuming radical aggressive qualities. Essentially, Diana’s planetary set-up created an intensely emotional environment which resulted in a craving to be known, understood and appreciated, as well as a tendency to be governed by passionate likes and dislikes. Her chart shows philanthropy was not the overriding motivation of her life. She had emotional struggles which resulted in her being able to identify with the suffering of others and propelled her to do good works, so as to receive recognition and appreciation and to heal a fractured sense of worthiness. For those with Virgo rising, Mars is a malefic. This is increased many fold by the rising sign degree occupying a Mars constellation, and Mars itself placed in the 12th House along with vicious Rahu in Leo, which also caused her to be different in thinking, style and action. Mars conjunct Rahu in the 12th House in the constellation of malefic Ketu is also a sure indication for misery, suffering, depression, emotional problems and accidents. In addition Mars and Rahu created Kuja dosha, a strong affliction to marital happiness and indicated that she would have secret lovers. It was all these malefic indications that gave her a rebellious and unconventional nature, the spirit to challenge conventional wisdom and rise above the prevailing social norms, and brought her to the status of a popular leader. As much power as the malefics have to push one up, they also have the power to bring the fall, in this case, Diana’s death.

Jupiter is also a malefic for people born with Virgo Rising. Princess Diana’s death occurred during the major dasha cycle of Jupiter (which has the power to inflict death for people with Virgo rising) and the sub cycle of malefic Rahu. Jupiter and Rahu are natural enemies, further aggravated here by being placed in adversarial positions to one another. Death was also partly caused by two eclipses in the month of September affecting Leo (sign of people in high positions), which had a global effect for kings, royalty and prime ministers. An eclipse is like an obstruction of the life force of those energies and consequently has a powerful effect upon people in high places. Among such people, anyone going through difficult planetary cycles would definitely suffer.

The phenomenon of Princess Diana’s popularity was, in part, an expression of the growing global trend starting in 1988 for the gradual loss of power of dictators, autocrats and monarchies, and the elevation of the people of the lower echelons. This is due to the transit of powerful Saturn from Sagittarius to Pisces, which culminates in 1998.