The task of raising $16 million is at least as challenging as the Island Temple’s construction. Amazingly, an elite team of supporters from 45 countries gathers the financial resources and sends them monthy to Kauai. Perhaps this selfless group’s generosity is partially due to Kauai’s own good merit. Here are a few of their stories.

Australia: Mrs. Nadarajah, 75, has tapped relatives and neighbors for eight years, writing letters by hand, beseeching donations worldwide. “It’s a great honor that Siva gave me this opportunity to help build His temple,” she exclaims.

Denmark: The Abhirami Amman Temple is sponsoring Iraivan’s north gopuram. “As we build our own temple,” says Abhirami Upasaki, the temple priestess, “we must help Gurudeva build his temple, where we will eventually pilgrimage.”

Germany: Enthusiasts from Berlin to Hamm, Alsdorf to Hamburg, are joining together to sponsor Iraivan’s west gopuram, by selling a children’s Hindu religion course.

Malaysia: A styrofoam model of the temple and multi-media fundraising dinners are the order of the day here. Devotees sell eatable goodies during national festivals. A close-knit team’s tireless efforts through the years have cultivated thousands of donors.

New Zealand: Ratna Sithamparanathan, a music teacher, sells a self-made practice tape of Tirumurai songs with an accompanying song book.

Singapore: A staunch team holds an ever-growing annual cultural program that primarily utilizes youth talents.

United Kingdom: Teen sisters Garani and Divani Nataraja, of California, performed a stunning dance concert in London. They’ll hold similar fund-raisers in other countries.

USA: The Hindu Students Association of California raises funds through car washes, recycling drives, and selling clay images during the Bay Area Ganesha Chaturthi festival.

Iraivan, the wish fulfilling temple, is already doing its job–fundraising efforts don’t just bring cash, they raise consciousness through spreading culture and philosophy.