The world is changing country by country, hour by hour, minute by minute. Hindus have to reflect on these changes, on how they will affect us and our children. Not all changes are momentous, of course. Panama's drug king and New York's hotel queen were both dethroned in Alice-in-Wonderland adventures. But other recent changes are really going to affect Hinduism in the next decade. The wall between two Germanies has fallen, and there are growing number of Hindus in Germany. The fall of communism in Eastern Europe will have an impact. Far too many Hindus were caught up in communism. As the failed Communist experiment winds down, there will be tens of thousands of men and women who can rejoin the Sanatana Dharma and work for positive change from within the ancient tradition. We should encourage them to become leaders and continue working for a better world. Some of the most talented young people will fall into this category, and we can do much by talking with them, embracing them, urging them to return to the path of their forefathers.

With more liberal government in Eastern Europe more of the Sanatana Dharma can to spread to the souls living there who are open and ready to hear about the eternal Truths. The legalizations of religion in Russia may lead to Hindu temples being built behind the melting iron curtain.

On page one you will read about another major changes, this time in the Catholic Church. The Pope of Rome in a message to his bishops explains quite carefully that Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen are false doctrines and practices. For a long time Catholics were allowed to mediate and practice yoga. No more. We hope this change is noticed by Hindus everywhere and that moms and dads who profess Hinduism as their religion will think twice before sending their children to Catholic schools.

Some people are wondering if these changes coming all of a sudden have anything to do with crystals people have been wearing and holding the past few years. The crystal people certainly think there's a relationship. Or maybe of TM mediators – which they will not deny. Or maybe it is just time for a change. The new cycle of Jupiter, astrologers might say.

One change we especially like is happening in the home, which is the stability of culture and religion. Time magazine reports that women of the 70's and 80's who once wanted everything – a home, family and a career – now have a new want, to be home. They have realized that their children could have done better in life had they had a full-time mom and a real home rather than just a house to live in and a stressed-out, part time mother. The 90's just may see the end of the house husbands too, and the return to fashion of the principles of sthree dharma and purusha dharma.

With all this, another trend is noted, that of Hindus reacting violently to difficult situations. The burning of mosques in India recently during the great march in Bhagalpur was a karmic blight on all peace-loving Hindus. South Africa gave the world Mahatma Gandhi and the modern nonviolent consciousness. When terrible violence broke out in Calcutta in 1946, Mahatma Gandhi went there, worked with both Hindus and Muslims to stop the riots, fasting for many days. Just what would Gandhi, who has become a symbol of ahimsa, say about Ayodhya? Have we forgotten the bedrock that Hinduism is built upon?

Welcome to the roaring 90's, everyone. Make it the best 10 years ever. We might add that happiness comes from ahimsa, when we are kindly to each other, physically, emotionally and mentally. The energies we give out in thought, word and deed come back to us. My tireless staff at HINDUISM TODAY'S editorial offices join with me in saying: Happy new decade, everyone!

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